2020 edition release

Ikei Photo Contest Legal bases

Third International Contest for Social and Company Photography
Documenting the Reality of Society and Companies




Participation in the present contest constitutes full acceptance and compliance with each and every one of the following legal bases.

Any non-compliance with the clauses detailed here will lead to contestants being automatically barred from the contest and losing any associated rights.


1. Aim of the contest

This is a photo contest which focuses on life in society and life in companies.


2. Organiser

The company organising the photo contest is IKEI research & consultancy, S.A.


3. Participants

Any individual over the age of 18 may take part in the photo contest, regardless of their geographical location (the contest is open to the whole world) or their professional status (they may be professional or amateur photographers).

Each participant will be identified by their National Identity Document number, meaning that there can only be one participant per National Identity Document number. Later submissions with the same National Identity Document number will not be accepted.

Participation is free.

Employees of IKEI research & consultancy, S.A. and members of the jury are not allowed to participate. 


4. Categories

This photo contest has two categories. It is possible to participate in either or both: 

  • Social life: the aim of this category is to reflect social life in its broadest terms, portraying a person interacting with others and with their surroundings.
  • Company life: the aim of this category is to reflect the above but, in a more specific sense, to capture life in a company.

The company organising the contest is free to change, at their discretion, the category to which participants have initially assigned each photo.


5. Works to be presented

The photos should reflect the reality of life in society and life in companies, based on the terms outlined previously in the passage covering the categories of the contest.

Each participant may present a maximum of two photographs per category, it is not possible to present the same photography in two different categories. Each photo must be unique, in the sense of being composed of one image alone. This means that series of photos are excluded.

The photographs may be in black and white or colour, with no restrictions on techniques or procedures. Conventional digital development techniques are permitted (white balance, exposure, levels, contrast, saturation, focus, elimination of vignetting and so on) in addition to cleaning of particles and moderate cropping. However, any alterations to, or manipulations of, the image and/or parts of the image which may lead the photograph to reflect a different reality to that which was photographed will not be permitted. 

In order to ensure compliance with the limitations regarding retouching and digital processing as established in the previous paragraph, the company organising the contest will request that the participants whose photographs form part of the final selection send the primary RAW files of these. Non-submission of these files (which, in the case of finalist photographers, is mandatory as per the request of the company organising the contest) will mean that participants are barred from the contest and will therefore lose their entitlement to any prizes. Given the size of primary RAW files, these must be submitted using the WeTransfer platform. 

Photographs of objectionable content according to the criteria of the organising company and/or the jury will be excluded from the contest.  


6. Submitting the photographs

Photographs must be submitted via the dedicated website that has been created for the photo contest, using one form only: www.ikeiphotocontest.es

In the registration section of this website, participants may upload their photographs, fill in the registration form and complete their application.

First, the photos must be uploaded. For each photograph uploaded (maximum 4 photographs, 2 per category), participants must outline (both fields are obligatory):

  • Title of the photo
  • Description of the photo

Next, the participant must enter their personal details (all fields are obligatory):

  • Name
  • Surname(s)
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • National Identity Document number

After accepting the legal bases and privacy policy, the participant will send and therefore complete their application.

Each participant may make one submission only. If multiple submissions are made, only the first one will be accepted.

The deadline for submitting work is 12/31/19.


7. Format of work to be submitted

The photographs must be submitted via the dedicated website created for the photo contest, in JPG format (preferably with Adobe RGB 1998 colour profile), measuring 1920 pixels on the longest side and with a maximum size of 2 MB, at 72 ppp, without the addition of frames, borders or photo captions.

However, with photographs making the final selection, as has previously been established, the company organising the contest will request that the corresponding participants submit the primary RAW files of their photos through WeTransfer in order to ensure compliance with the limitations relating to retouching or digital processing of photos as outlined in clause 5. Works to be presented.

Once these checks have been completed, the company organising the contest will request that the winning photographers submit their winning photos via WeTransfer in JPG or TIF format with the maximum quality and size.


8. Rights

The author of the photographs affirms that he or she holds all necessary authorisation from the people, places and brands that may appear in said photographs, with the participant being solely responsible for any claims that may arise and with the company organising the contest being exempt from all responsibility.

The rights to exploitation (exhibition, reproduction, communication, publication and public distribution) of the photos received will be shared between the company organising the contest and the author of the photos, without geographical or temporal limits. The author of the photographs will always be credited by IKEI. In any eventuality, the organising company will only use said photos within the context of the photography contest, in the promotion of the same, and during its own business activity. IKEI will never use the photos with the intention of making a profit. If the organising company were to be interested in using any specific photograph for another purpose, the company would negotiate the purchase of this photo with the author of the same.

The company organising the contest will reject any type of request that may be made by third parties with commercial interests, such as concession, loan, exploitation, sale etc. of the personal details of the participants as well as the images that these participants present to the contest.

During the course of the photo contest, the organising company may release an advance preview of the photographs that have been submitted. This will happen within the context of this same contest, and for the purpose of promotion.


9. Jury

The jury shall consist of a well-recognised professional photographer and by the president of the organizing company. The jury will evaluate both the technical element of the photos and the way in which these document the reality of life in society and life in companies. The photos will be judged individually and anonymously. The jury is composed of:

  • FERNANDO POSTIGO SILVA, professional photographer and photojournalist of “Diario Vasco” journal for 25 years, has made numerous exhibitions and publications he has been awarded, amongst others, by the National Association of Press and Television Press Informants in the year 2001.
  • ESTEBAN BARRENECHEA, President of IKEI research & consultancy, S.A.

In the event of any circumstances that may hinder the development of the contest, the organising company may, at their discretion, alter the composition of the jury.


10. Final decision

The jury will release their decision on 28/02/20, publishing this decision on the dedicated website of the photo contest and on social media. The decision of the jury is final.

The company organising the contest will inform the winners of this decision by email and telephone in order to organise the delivery of the prizes. Each participant is required to provide an email address and contact telephone number for this purpose.


11. Prizes

The photography contest has two prizes for each of the two categories (first and second place). In addition to these four prizes, twenty honorary mentions will be given (ten per category) and the “prize for participation” draw will be based upon this selection. More specifically, the breakdown of the prizes is as follows:

“Social Life” category:

  • First prize: 1,000 euros*
  • Second prize: 600 euros*
  • 10 honorary mentions

    “Company Life” category:

    • First prize: 1,000 euros*
    • Second prize: 600 euros*
    • 10 honorary mentions

      Javier Larraya prize for participation: among the 20 honorary mentions, a prize will be drawn with a value of 300 euros*.

      Each participant may win only one prize per category.

      * These amounts will be subject to tax deductions as appropriate.


      12. General terms and conditions

      The company organising the contest reserves the right to modify these present bases or to cancel them if this is considered appropriate.

      The personal details provided by the participants will be processed in accordance with what is outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (679/2016), adopted on May 2016. Participants are entitled to exert their right of access, rectification and cancellation.

      Any questions about the photo contest should be addressed to the following email address: ikeiphotocontest@ikei.es



      04/11/19 Presentation of the photo contest and opening date for the submission of photos.
      12/31/19 Closing date for submitting photos to the contest.
      01/02/20 Beginning of the evaluation of work received. Start of the jury meetings and votes. Verification of the primary RAW files.
      02/28/20 Publication of the jury's decision and notification of the winners.